We're Ella and Olivia

We’re best known for our thoughtful approach to floristry, keen attention to detail, eye for great design, and easy communication style.

After creating countless stunning floral designs, we’re certain we can bring your floral vision to life in a way that’s both cohesive and unforgettable.

While we’re incredibly detail-oriented, we always keep our sights set on the big picture. Each stem plays an essential role in our floral designs, and in turn, each floral design is an integral part of the overall look and feel of the space.

We believe in showcasing the natural beauty of flowers and foliage through sustainable practices, looking to the seasons for color palettes, and creating floral designs that are distinctly unique to your event.

We’re incredibly grateful to the discerning couples who entrust us with the honor of arranging their most important floral designs, and we can’t wait to do the same for you! 

Three words that describe me: diligent, direct, and adventurous.

With my background in landscape design and art, floral design is the perfect fusion of my expertise. It allows me to seamlessly blend elements of nature, color theory, and spatial composition to create one-of-a-kind works of living art that transform spaces. 

One of my best strengths is listening, and this allows me to understand the heart of what each couple desires for their wedding flowers. Intentionally designed flowers really are an art, and they make a lasting impact on not only the venue but the people who are surrounded by them.

When I’m not designing wedding flowers, I’m likely working on landscape designs or rehabilitating Tennessee wildlife like bunnies, hawks, and turtles! If I’m not doing that, you can find me rock climbing, riding horses, or hanging out with my rescue birds.

Three of my favorite flowers: Himalayan blue poppy, native flowers, and Black Diamond Hellebore.

lead floral designer

Ella [Frances] Kuban

Three words that describe me: caring, genuine, and curious.

Growing up, I was always outside riding horses, playing in our creek, or discovering something new in a book. My passions for both nature and learning have stayed with me, and they’ve served me well in working with flowers with sustainability in mind. 

As the creative director for Frances and Jane Floral Design, I love connecting with each of our couples to find ways to make their floral designs uniquely perfect for them. I want to hear all about the overall aesthetic and feeling you’re going for, what you’re most excited about, and what you want to avoid.

My free time is happily spent on walks with my husband and two Jack Russell Terriers, catching up with friends over dinner, learning a new fun fact, and (still!) riding horses. Whenever I'm able, you'll find me traveling somewhere beautiful.

Three of my favorite flowers: sweet pea, David Austin’s Eugenie rose, and butterfly ranunculus.

floral designer + Creative director

Olivia [Jane] Lee

three of our passions

We Care A Lot About...

We employ reusable mechanics, compost our green waste, work with local growers when possible, and are floral foam-free to promote a safer environment for people and animals.


We’re here to provide amazing creative direction, guide you through our personalized process, and deliver floral designs that exceed your expectations.

our couples

We source the most high-quality blooms, continually hone our craft, and are always passionate about being the best floral designers we can possibly be for our couples. 


Our inspiration comes from the timeless beauty of the natural world around us and the creations found within it. We specialize in creating designs that are organic in shape, abundant in blooms, and carefully curated to reflect the beauty of each season.

We create timeless floral designs that you’ll love not only on your wedding day, but for all of the decades to come.

Abundant Blooms, Organic Shapes, Seasonal Palettes, Silk Ribbons, Garden Parties, and Candlelight


Spherical, tightly-wound bouquets that resemble ice cream cones are NOT for you. You want your wedding florals to be organic, airy, tastefully colorful, and inspired by nature. You know this beautiful style will stand the test of time, and you want your flowers to enhance your wedding venue– not work against it.

If this sounds perfect, you're in the right place.

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You Love Garden-Inspired Designs, Abundant Flowers, and You Trust Our Creative Direction.

Explore our featured floral designs from gorgeous Nashville-area weddings + events.

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Explore our featured floral designs from Nashville-area weddings and events.

Featured florals

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