Nashville Wedding Flower Cost



Nashville Wedding Flower Pricing Explained


From $500 personal flowers to $12k+ large weddings, our wedding flowers have a varied price range! There are SO many elements that affect Nashville wedding flower pricing, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be confusing or stressful.

In this post, we’ll cover what influences the cost, how we price wedding flowers, and examples of different price points. In addition, we’ll talk about which designs to prioritize on your floral wishlist.

What Determines the Cost of Wedding Flowers?

Several different factors influence the final cost of wedding flowers such as:

  • The types of flowers chosen (roses are more expensive than carnations)
  • The time needed to properly execute the design from concept to completion
  • The level of floral abundance per design (amount of flowers used)
  • The scope of the design (a ceiling feature versus a grounded floral nest)
  • The quantity of each floral design (100 table arrangements or ten?)
  • Requested rentals (candles, specific vessels, etc.)
  • Strike service (clean-up and return of rentals)

Each of these variables will look different for every single wedding. The best way to know your wedding’s floral cost is to inquire!

How We Price Our Wedding Flowers

Like many other florists and floral designers, we approach pricing our flowers using industry-standard pricing formulas.

For Nashville wedding flower pricing, that formula is Wholesale x 5 or 6.

By following the industry standard, we are able to quickly and consistently give couples an accurate quote. Each quote reflects the desired level of floral abundance and wishlist based on our messages, your Pinterest board, and your answers to our questionnaire.

Examples of Different Price Points

Below, you will see examples of what floral wishlists could look like based on different budgets. Keep in mind that these are general examples and do not factor in specifics.

Nashville wedding flower pricing explained

$500: Personals
– Bridal bouquet
– Boutonniere

$3k: Intimate Ceremonies
– Bridal bouquet
– Boutonniere
– Ceremony feature
Bud vases for six reception tables

$5k: Floral-Accented Weddings
– Bridal bouquet
– Boutonniere
– Abundant ceremony feature
– Collections of candles for eight reception tables
– Bud vases for fifteen eight reception tables

$10k: Floral-Forward Weddings
– Bridal bouquet
– Boutonniere
– Abundant ceremony feature
– Five rows of aisle flowers
– Four bridesmaids’ bouquets
– Four groomsmens’ boutonnieres
– Sweetheart table flowers
– Taper, pillar, and votive candles for 12 long reception tables
– Abundant bud vases and compotes for 12 long reception tables
– Welcome sign flowers
– Abundant bar flowers

The Floral Designs to Prioritize

Above, you probably noticed that every example (besides $500 Personals) includes a ceremony feature and bridal bouquet. To maximize your wedding flower budget, we always encourage our couples to prioritize these two statement-making designs as well as reception table flowers!

Not only are these designs the most visible, but they transform the look of the venue, set the tone, and are highly photographed as well. In other words, these designs make a difference and will be in the photos you hang on your walls long after your wedding day.

When you remove the smaller, extra designs like a photobooth arrangement, extra boutonnieres, bathroom flowers, or corsages, it makes space in your budget to add abundance to the focal point designs.

Remember: Greater floral abundance equals greater impact!

We’ve made it SO easy to get your wedding’s floral quote. Once you send your inquiry, we’ll get back to you with a questionnaire fill out. After that, you will quickly receive an accurate and customized quote that reflects your wedding’s specific needs.